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Reliable results as a basis for sustained growth

Our priority is the customer and its goals for growth and development. Therefore, we are committed from the very beginning to provide a thorough and comprehensive service that guarantees on time delivery of reliable results.


Our reputation and experience have been accumulated in over 45 years providing nonstop services to the mining sector and the environment. We have grown along with our clients and thus, we are actively involved in the progress of our country.

We have accompanied the mining sector and all its processes since 1970 always assuming a proactive role since more than suppliers we are strategic advisors to our clients. We have one of the largest labs in the region, 3000m² of installed infrastructure equipped with advanced technology and operated by a group of over 250 skilled professionals of international level.

We provide reliable results and efficient solutions designed according to the specific requirements of our clients for the analysis, quality control, environmental protection, occupational safety and health.

Our Quality Control Policy has been designed based on international regulations and standards, which ensures that all our processes are reliable, accurate and delivered in time.

We respond to the needs of our customers promptly and offer effective services that make us the best allies to help them achieve their growth and development goals.

We prepare tailored reports in accordance to the specific needs of specialized information of each client.