> Geochemistry


Technical and comprehensive advice on the analysis of geochemical exploration and mine samples, drill cores, soils, sediments, pulp and rejected material.

We employ hard quality control and traceable processes under the implementation of ISO 17025:2005. Our Quality Control Policy ensures reliable and verifiable processes that can be accessed online regarding the status of the analysis of samples and quality control (QA/QC) applied to them.

 Quantification is performed by a highly experienced team that uses state-of-the-art technology.



Chemical exploration analysis

  • Geological sample preparation
  • Analysis of au and precious metals by fire assay

Trace analysis

  • Multi-element exploration analysis of (icp- aes)
  • Multi-element exploration analysis of (icp- ms)
  • Rare earth element.
  • Hydrogeochemistry

Doré analysis

  • Individual elements analyzed by aa.
  • Lithogeochemistry; whole rock analysis

Other assays

  • Sequential copper
  • Specific gravity
  • Gravimetry plant
  • Platinum group elements
  • Anions: f. Ci and br.
  • Geochemistry of plants
  • Volatile elements



  • Metallurgical process and balance: head, concentrates and tailings.
  • Gold activated carbon
  • Gold bullion : dore and gold and silver bullion
  • Gold precipitates

Standards Preparation

Effective supervision in exploration programs