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We have consolidated as the most reliable Lab in the area of mineral analysis and inspections as we maintain high international quality standards and our results are accurate. 

Having signed strategic agreements with foreign reputed companies with whom we share values ​​and work systems, has allowed us to integrate services that we provide across major operating points nationwide and around the world.

Also, the use of advanced technology and the rich experience of our employees are key components in generating online reports and delivery of annotated, consistent and accurate reports, which have been developed to meet the immediate needs of specialized information of our clients.

Consequently, the JRamon Quality Control Policy is aligned with NTP ISO/IEC 17020:2012 and we follow a rigorous QA/QC on all aspects of occupational safety and health by ensuring environmental practices implemented worldwide.



Chemical Analysis

  • Commercial Assay: Party-assay and Umpire-assay
  • Preparation of the sample for analysis
  • Atomic Absorption Assay(AA)
  • Fire Assay  
  • Fire Assay with Atomic Absorption
  • Testing by ICP Patry
  • Plant Control Testing
  • Commercial Settlement Samples or Party-Assay
  • Umpire Assay

National and international Inspections

  • On site mine operations supervision, storage in warehouses and shipping ports, pre-shipment, shipment in ports of origin, discharge in destination, transfers, coverage of the process until reception in local and international foundries and refineries.
  • Weighing supervision, sampling, sample preparation monitoring.
  • Sampling, determination of moisture and sample quality preparation according to international standards.
  • Verification of deposit conditions, warehouses, containers, trucks, wagons, hoppers, in port facilities and operating equipment.
  • Inspection of commodities in general, in warehouses. Tally.
  • Verification of storage conditions, stowage and packaging.
  • Technical audits
  • Weight due to draft
  • Shortage control, chain of custody
  • Physical Inventories
  • Design of automated systems for laboratory management (HAT Technology). 

Geochemical Analysis

  • Chemical exploration analysis
    • Trace analysis
    • Dore analysis
    • Other assays
  • Metallurgy
  • Standards preparation
  • Effective supervision in exploration programs